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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What other equipment will I need to buy?

A.  If you don't already have one, To mount the unit on the Bird , you will need Harness or a Track Pak, a mobile Phone, optional items are a Windows PC and a Sat Nav. Everything else is in the box

Q. What Mobile Phone is best to use with the GTS-100?

A.The unit works best with modern Smart Phones which have a GPS device and the Google Maps Application installed on it. No software installation to your mobile is necessary. You can if you wish enter the co-ordinates from the text message into either your Sat Nav for Directions or your PC Browser.

Q. Is it legal

A. Totally, It is an EU certified GSM mobile network device. The same as mobile phone. GPS is free to use worldwide.

Q. Will it work on the satellite telephone network?

A. No, The unit works with the terrestrial GSM network only. Satellite mobile phone equipment require very large powerful batteries  as they need to transmit far farther to the transponders

Q. What type of SIM card do I need

A. The unit uses the GSM mobile phone network, it takes a standard SIM card (Pay As you Go recommended) from any network of your choice. You only pay for standard text messages which are only pennies (or even free if there on the same network with some providers.) . You maybe charged for calls to the unit, but normally as long as Voicemail has been disabled, there is no charge as the unit does not answer calls

Q. Other than the cost of the messages are there any hidden costs, subscriptions or Licences?

A. No. The price you see is the price you pay. No radio licences, no contracts, no service providers and no subscriptions.

Q. Does the unit stay on the Bird all the time?

A No, If you use the tracker pack system that will remain on the bird, but the unit will unclip and can be put on charge. If you use the harness system , it can be taken off when you wish.

Q.Will anybody be able to see my Birds' location?

A.The system is totally secure, a unique 6 digit password can be assigned to the unit allowing the user to authorise up to 5 mobile phones to work with it at any one time. The unit also has a unique IMEI number

Q. Will I need to buy Battery's for the Unit

A. No, The unit has an integral lithium-ion (Li-ion) rechargeable battery. It is supplied with a UK standard mains USB adapter to charge from your home, a car adaptor and a Special USB cable /cradle to charge from a PC.

Q. How long is the Battery life.

The short answer, using 1 minute updates = battery life is 12 Hours, 10 minute updates battery life 3 Days, smart power save and standby modes can help the battery last upto a week.

Detailed explanation: Battery life is very dependant usage. The unit is capable of streaming constant data stream over GPRS whilst simultaneously monitors it's position, in this mode battery life is just a few hours. However using Smart Battery technology, power saving and auto power on modes battery

life can be increased to several days. When the unit is in the field, if the battery charge drops to below 25% the unit will send out a text to all authorized phone stating the charge level and latest location. Users then have the choice to go and retrieve the unit, or they can remotely send a message by SMS back to the unit instructing it to power down until a later time or to enter standby mode.

Q. Is the GTS-100 suitable for all Birds of Prey?

A. NO,  The GTS-100 is marketed for Medium and Large Adult Birds of Prey Only. We consider the weight of the unit  ( which is 40 Grams, the weight of a packet of crisps) may be too heavy for prolonged wearing on a Small or infant bird. Please consider this before purchasing. It is also unsuitable for birds that are intolerant of anklets, bells or tracker packs. We also advise against use  on birds which delight in forcing their way through dense brush and thickets.

Q. Does the unit stay on the bird when it is not in use?

A No, if a Track Pack is fitted that will remain on the bird permanently, but the GTS-100 will be unclipped and preferably put on charge. If a harness is used this can be removed

Q Is there a long external Ariel such as the type fitted on traditional transmitters?

A. No, There are no external aerials or wires , everything is integrated into the little case.

Q What happens if the unit loses GPS signal

A If no GPS signal is available When a user requests a location, the unit, will send the last known location and the message SGL:LAST.

Q What happens if the unit loses GSM signal

A. If it not possible to get a phone call to the unit because there is no network coverage in the area that the unit has strayed, a simple text message can be sent to which the unit will reply a position when it enters an area with reception

Q. Does the unit require a strong GSM Signal.

A. No, generally SMS messages will pass through a network with a week signal easier than voice calls.

Q. Does the unit still work if there is no credit on the Sim

A. No, if there is no credit left on the Sim card account it will not be able to send SMS messages. The solution is to top up your account and it will work again. You will experience similar problems with your car if you don’t put fuel in it.

Q. What Network has the best coverage near me?

A. There is no network that is best everywhere. Check online at a site such as for Coverage maps. We have had good experiences in our area with Vodafone and GiffGaff(O2). We have also used a global roaming Sim which was superb but more costly.

Q. Will there be a Smaller, Lighter model than the GTS-100 ?

A. Most probably one day, at present we are using a Polymer cased Li-Ion Battery, which is the most efficient commercially available battery to us. even so more than 50% of the total units size and weight is the battery. Technology is evolving fast and we are hoping one day to be able to use a Lithium-

Air or Ceramic battery and thus accommodate the smaller bird market. It is currently possible to make a lighter unit, but the extreme cost makes it unviable and battery life is significantly shorter.

Q. Will I need training to use the GTS-100, is it as difficult to use as traditional Falconry Telemetry?

A. No, To Setup for the first time you will need to send the unit a few simple text messages. After that all you need do is phone the number and open a text message, the rest is automatic.

Q. Is there a receiver I'll have to carry, like with the old fashioned Telemetry?

A. No, your Radio Shack days are over, your mobile phone is the new receiver.

Q. Why is there a belt clip on the base?

A. It is actually a universal anchorage point. The gap is only 2mm and too narrow for most belts. This case moulding is fairly generic, if we had it made without the bracket we would have incurred a considerable retooling costs and delayed launch for several extra months. We later needed to utilize

bracket for the spring clip anyway.

Q. What are the GPRS functions of the unit for.

A. The data function capabilities of the unit have not been implemented at launch. The unit is capable of sending and receiving digital data to online servers. We are currently testing an application for Android Smart Phones (an iPhone application is in the pipeline) which is capable of live P2P streaming from the GTS-100 to the Android giving constant live mapped co-ordinates. Internet usage will have to be enabled on both units. If there is a large enough demand we may also develop an online server accessible over the Internet for real time tracking, historical playback and data storage. Data charges may be applied from you network provider