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ARM7 Processor. Powerful microprocessor with very low energy consumption, Utilised in mobile devices by manufacturers such as  Apple, Nokia and Nintendo

GPRS. General Packet Radio Service is a mobile device data transfer service for communications to services such as the Internet. Essentially it is a software overlay of the standard GSM mobile network enabling a far larger bandwidth for supported devices

GPS. Originally known as Navstar GPS, but now simply GPS the Global Positioning System is the United States $12 Billion constellation of 24+man made satellites orbiting the earth at an altitude of around 12,600 miles and controlled by a terrestrial control centre. Made available for the entire world population to use freely by the US Government in 1998.

GSM. Global System for Mobile Communication. Is the standard for the Second Generation (2G) digital cellular networks. It replaced the First Generation (1G) analogue networks in the mid 1990's

IP-67.  is an EC (European Committee) standard of Ingress Protection against Solids and Liquids. The code 67 is for total protection against dust and up to 30 minutes resistance against water to a depth of up to one meter.

P2P. (Peer-to-peer) refers to a computer network in which each computer can act as a client or server for the other computers in the network, without the need for a central server. In a nutshell it refers to a direct connection between machines over a network.

Quadband. GSM frequencies (850,900,1800 and 1900 MHz), the four most common used throughout the world.

SiRFstarIII. High Sensitivity GPS receiver chipset used by major GPS manufacturers such as Sony, TomTom and Garmin.