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Falconry Hoods

Hoods are used to deprive a bird of their primary sense. What they cant see they are not bothered by, hence even the the wildest of birds can be calmed by a hood in a matter of minutes.

Finding a good fitting hood off the peg for your bird is an awkward task. However once you found the size and type which suits your bird ( as long as they have not grown) re-ordering should be relatively simple.

Of paramount importance is the width between the eyes, too small and the eyes will touch the hood, this is very bad! Too big and the bird will be able to peek causing the bird stress. A snug fit to the face is a good thing. All the mouth and beak should be exposed, if need be this can be modified by the Falconer to fit. A bird should be well monitored whilst trying out a new hood, Watch out for streaming irritated eyes, Keep a good eye on the neck around the strap and the mouth / beak area.

You will find two types of Hoods here, Arabian and Dutch

Arab styles have a closed back with pleats considered a good choice for long crest feathered birds such as Eagles, Goshawks might also consider this style closure.

The Dutch hood has an inverted V opening in the back where the braces close. The advantage to this is that it causes the hood to catch on the crest feathers making even an open hood less likely to be shook off the head. Generally considered to be the best fitting for the widest range of birds. Although traditionally the Dutch hood style was used exclusively on falcons, a good, well-made Dutch hood will properly fit a hawk, falcon, or accipiter of the right size.

Hoods can also make your bird look pretty cool too( Apart from style 6 which will make your bird look like he has trapped his head inside a small Coconut ) .     Bebo

Stock styles change with each new delivery we receive. Photo’s for guidance only. If you require a specific style and colour please enquire first

Size 1 Small  46-47 mm

Small Peregrine, Lanner, Barbary & Red Naped Shaheen Falcons

Size 2 Medium 48-49 mm

Medium Peregrine, Male Gyr, Goshawk

Size 3 Large  50-52 mm

Male Saker, Female Harris & German Goshawk

Size 4 Extra Large 53-54 mm

Female Goshawk, Male Redtale

      Arabian Hood                      Dutch Hood                           Head Measurement

Falconry Hoods  100% Real Leather

Falconry Hood

£ 14.99