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GTS-100 Quick Start Guide

1. Using the screw driver provided, unscrew the four screws securing the back cover.

2. If you intend using a MicroSD memory card, insert now

3. Pre test the SIM card you intend to use in a mobile phone. Make sure your chosen Network has an acceptable signal in the areas you intend to use it, can send and receive SMS text messages, Caller ID is on, the account has plenty of credit and both Voice mail and SIM lock are OFF.

4. Insert the SIM into the GTS-100. Connect the Battery Terminal

5. Replace cover and tighten screws (Over tightening a water tight joint does not make a water tight joint more water tight!

6. Charge the battery.  For first charge a full 6 Hours charge regardless of indicator charge light is required. Failure to do so will poorly condition your battery permanently.

7. In an area outside, with a clear view of the sky and away from walls, switch on the unit by holding down the outer most waterproof button for 3 Seconds. The Blue LED on the side of the unit will start to flash as below

0.5s on and 0.5s off Initializing / Low battery

1s on and 1s off Searching satellite

1s on and 3s off  GPS fixed

    Your unit can be configured for use by either sending SMS text messages or it can be connected to a PC using the special orange USB cable and cradle and then information entered into it using the special terminal software provided. For the purpose of this guide we will use SMS method.

8.   You are now ready to authorize the Mobile Phone(s) Number(s) of the Phone(s) you wish to use with the GTS-100. Note all authorised phones will be notified of the units location when the

'Sync' Button is pressed or the battery level becomes low. Also note: Use international code if you intend using abroad eg for UK prefix 0044 your mobile number  then drop first 0 (see  second example).

9.   A maximum of five numbers can be authorized. Phone number are 0~15 chars. Example SMS text below authorizes a single phone number 07654 321987 (use your mobile phone numbers in place of examples)


This Example authorises the same number but with the international code facid,123456,authorize,1=00447654321987;

This Example authorizes two phones at once in a single SMS text


This final example authorises the maximum 5 phones in a single text facid,123456,authorize,1=07654321987,2=07891234567,3=07531986420,4=07642089753,5=07913


To cancel authorizations the command is :    facid,123456,authorize;

10. Now set the time zone for your area. For U.K , British Summer Time is =1, British Winter Time

(GMT) =0. SMS text example  for BST.  facid,123456,timezone,v=1

11.  Finally set the desired format of the text messages received.If you are fortunate enough to own any type of Smart Phone with Google Maps installed you should send the following message  facid,123456,sms,link;

12.  You are now ready to request your first location. Simply attempt a voice call  from an Authorised mobile phone, don't worry GTS-100 won't pick up (as long as Voice mail is OFF) depending on your chosen SIM network you will either get the number engaged tone or it will ring a couple of times and then disconnect. In less than a minute you should receive a SMS Text message stating the latest location. Alternatively you can hold down the Sync button for 3 Seconds, all authorised phones will receive a text message stating latest location.

SMS Examples