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Falconry Swivels

Falconry Ball Bearing Swivel  ' Sampo ' Style

Stainless steel construction

Small Size     37 mm long

Equivalent to Sizes 1 + 2 ' D ' Swivels

'Sampo' Style Swivel Small

£ 4.35



Falconry Ball Bearing Swivel  ' Sampo ' Style

Stainless steel construction

Medium Size     47 mm long

Stronger and Lighter than Size 3 ' D ' Swivels

'Sampo' Style Swivel Medium

£ 5.35



Falconry Swivel  ' D ' Style

Stainless Steel Construction

Available in

1)     1.25" (32 mm ) for very small falcons

2)     1.5"   (38 mm ) Small Birds

3)     1.75" (44 mm )  for medium size falcons and hawks

4)     2.25"  (57 mm) is suitable for eagles and owls

5)     3"      (76 mm) is for the very biguns

'D' Style Swivel

£ 3.80



Swivels allow a bird to change  position on a perch or move on a leash without getting tied up in knots.

The ball-bearing swivels  (Often known by the brand leading name  of ‘Sampo’) by design work better under pressure and are generally considered Stronger and lighter than there ‘D’  Type equivalent  size. One of their few draw backs is that there is  no way to visually inspect the condition of the working mechanism. For this reason it is recommended to swap them out more frequently than the D Type

Below is a diagram for Swivel fitting. The leash should attach to the small end of a Ball Bearing Swivel and the ‘U’ section of a D type swivel. Conversely The Larger Ring of the BBS  and the ‘O’ of the D type should be attached to the jesses

A light oiling and frequent inspections should avoid most problems. If in doubt buy 1 size bigger than the minimum size for your bird (Just to be sure!)

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