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Tail Guards & Chaps

Squirrel Chaps

£ 9.99



Many Hawks or Falcons love catching those varmint squirrels and rats

Chaps fit over the top of the birds anklets and are secured with a press stud (can also be secured with a cable tie if necessary

A modern day accessory designed to help protect your Bird from critical injury ( ruptured arteries and infections ) from Squirrel and Rat bites

Traditionally crafted from Brown Leather and 9 nickel eyelets which add distraction to the squirrel so it bites them rather than the Birds Legs

Male Harris and Goshawk.......Medium

Female Harris and Red Tails.......Large

Tail Guard and Tail mount

Safeguards the tail feathers of your Bird during transit etc.

Easily attached and removed using the supplied tail mount . Sizes

6.5" x 3"  ( 16 cm x 7 cm )

8"    x 3"  ( 20 cm x 7 cm )

9"    x 3"  ( 22 cm x 7 cm )

Tail Guard & Mount

£ 9.99




Falconry Telemetry Tail Mount   SINGLE

Can also be used for bell mounting crimps to tail deck.

Made of lightweight aluminium, 10 mm length, 10 mm width.

Weight 0.8 gram.

Bells can easily be attached using very small tie wraps through the bell loop and the tunnel in the tail mount.

One Cable tie per Mount supplied Free of Charge.

It is advisable to both super glue as well as crimp any mounting when attaching to the deck feathers.

Tail Mount Single

£ 2.25



Invented  a few years ago by American Gary Brewer.  Are now considered by many as a must have accessory for the  fearless Hawk who  loves to prey on Squirrels and can often come off the worse for it, there have been reports of Birds losing  a toe, rupturing an artery, bites going septic.....and worse.

Our specially designed squirrel chaps have 9 eyelets in each chap..not as decoration but as a cunning plan

.....the idea is that the squirrel is fixated  by the eyelets and are drawn to biting them rather than the bird...not guaranteed of course but with some birds costing over £1000 it worth the risk.

These are classed as removable squirrel chaps which fit over the anklets...

Tail Mount 10 Pack


£ 9.99


Falconry Telemetry Tail Mount   pack of Ten

As above .Pack of 10

Falconry Squirrel Chaps