Arab Jesses for Falconry, complete set, Standard Size (Blue & yellow)

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Arab Jesses, Swivel and Leash (Subuq, Midwar and Mursil)
Hand-braided authentic Arab-style nylon leash, swivel, jesses and anklets in various striking colors. One size only for medium to large falcon-size raptors. These are not meant to be used on raptors left unattended.
Very Comfortable & Secure
Standard Size suits Medium and Large Birds
also available in light & dark green colour on a seperate listing 
Small  for Little owls, Spars, Merlins, Kestrels etc
Medium  for Barn Owls, Male Harris Hawks/Gos Hawks, Peregrins etc
Standard for Female Harris Hawks/Gos Hawks, Male Eagle owls, Male redtails.
Extra large, Female European Eagle owls, Snowy Owls, Female Red Tails etc